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At David Diamond Jewelry, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect piece of jewelry that they are looking for: as unique and as beautiful as the person who will wear it. Whether you fall in love with an antique cushion-cut diamond ring or an expertly crafted vintage engagement ring, David Diamond Jewelry has the extensive inventory and expertise to make your dream ring a reality.

The Collection

In a world of new and modern cuts, the virtuosity of vintage craftsmanship can be seen in the beauty and elegance of our rare rings and jewelry. Our collection is curated by our experienced jewelers and gemologists, who have over 50+ years of experience with a keen eye for unique and breathtaking pieces, meaning only the finest pieces make it into our collections.

We have invested 50+ years of experience into Jewelry. Our diverse collections also include a wide selection of custom jewelry, containing pieces that exemplify the intricacies and breathtaking brilliance that defined the era.

In each of our unique pieces, David Diamond Jewelry maintains the highest standards of quality and style, and is dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect piece.

Discover Your Perfect Piece

As is the case with these rare and exquisite pieces, time is of the essence. If you are drawn to a particular item or have any questions about our products and services, we invite you to notify us at (212) 575 8744, or via email at Our expert jewelers look forward to helping you find the perfect ring. To discover our experts’ perspectives on the fascinating world of antique jewelry, and all of our unique pieces, send us an email HERE.

DavidDiamond Jewelry has earned a reputation for high-quality not just in our selection, but in our customer service department, with an accredited A+ rating by the BBB.

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